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Why Drone QS?

Drone QS is a premium drone surveying services and 3D scanning services provider, specialising in mining, construction and engineering projects, and affording clients optimal accuracy and time-saving on data gathering, across many applications. 

Our 3D scanning capabilities are tailored to meet our client’s specific needs and can be done by drone surveying; as well as static Lidar scanning.

What Sets Us Apart?

What really sets Drone QS apart from other similar service providers is that we are the first drone surveying and 3D scanning company in South Africa which has been established by an existing quantity surveying and project services company: namely, Venn & Milford Incorporated.

The idea to create Drone QS was formed when Venn & Milford realised that there was an opportunity to further develop and increase the level of accuracy and dependability of data, which was already being used in everyday practice.

Backed by Industry Expertise

As part of Venn & Milford Incorporated, a leading quantity surveying company with over 70 years’ experience in the industry, Drone QS not only leverages but is an extension of Venn & Milford’s established industry track record.

We are able to provide additional value to drone surveying and inspection through a powerfully synergistic combination of cutting-edge 3D scanning technologies, combined with the sought-after expertise of our qualified quantity surveyors.

While our data processing is undertaken by skilled project professionals, with years of experience in the construction and mining industry, all our pilots are fully-trained and CAA- certified.

The greatest benefit of using Drone QS integrated drone surveying and 3D scanning is the instant access to accurate and precise information, producing data for use across multiple applications, all complying with SANS1200 and other requisite local and international standards.

Drone Technology Working For You

Dependent on the project and application, Drone QS’s integrated system — drone surveying and/or static Lidar scanning — 3D modelling translates exceptionally well into Building Information Modelling (BIM).

Furthermore, by integrating various WBS (Work Breakdown Structures) and BoQ’s (Bills of Quantities) through on-site scanning and drone surveying, data is converted to costs. This way, accurate payments based on this data are assured, thereby reducing assumption risks and enhancing project planning and cost control. In addition, Project Managers can utilise 3D models to coordinate ongoing maintenance and repair work; as well as plan future renovations, or extension projects.

When a construction operation is digitally well-documented, the Client can use a full-building scan to authenticate the ‘as-built’ product against the design models. Also, as with accurate digital records, contractual claims will be based on precise, verified, real-time data.

Aerial data can also improve the level of quantity measurements and progress tracking for general applications, which would normally require extensive traditional methods for capturing data. For this reason, aerial 3D scanning is widely-used in the mining sector, in monitoring tailing dams, infrastructure works, civil works and mine closures. By aerial surveying and mapping, digital terrain models and 3D terrain modelling of earthworks show live volumetrics and tracking, ensuring real-time accuracy.

The Latest Digital Intelligence Technology

Tracking the mine’s design ‘assets’ (the physical plant, for example) against actual progress as well as stockpile and inventory management, is also possible.

Ever mindful of stringent industry HSE (Health Safety and Environment) regulations – specifically within the mining sector – Drone QS undertakes open-pit mine closure assessments by utilising the power of 3D scanning technology. The gathered data assists with the mine closure planning and associated costs; as well as offering a comprehensive overview of ongoing mining rehabilitation.

Drone QS can also scan previously mined areas, remote infrastructure and sections and keep accurate 3D records of existing infrastructure for maintenance and other purposes.

Technology is advancing at an unprecedented pace, and Drone QS is at the forefront of the latest digital intelligence innovations and advances, to ensure that our clients have access to the most recent up-to-date technologies.

In a nutshell: your data gathering has never been in safer or more expert hands!

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